Physiotherapy Hospital & Clinic in Abu Dhabi
Physiotherapy Hospital & Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Physiotherapy Hospital & Clinic in Abu Dhabi – Diagnosis & Treatment

Al Hosn is one of the leading healthcare companies in Abu Dhabi, providing excellent physiotherapy services. We offer flexible appointment times, so you can choose a time slot that’s convenient for you. At our medical facility, we ensure that you get the proper treatment and faster recovery from our physiotherapists.

Our physiotherapy clinic in Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of treatments for different age groups and conditions, including post-operative rehabilitation, back pain, chronic or acute pain, work-related injury recovery, etc. Our certified staff help people affected by illness, musculoskeletal injuries and disability. Our compressive care method combines manual orthopedic therapy with a holistic approach to achieve long-term wellness.

At Al Hosn, we believe in providing the finest physiotherapy services to our patients. A highly dedicated team of experts at our physiotherapy center in Abu Dhabi focuses on helping you regain mobility. We promise you the utmost privacy and confidentiality at our hospital, along with state-of-the-art facilities and a soothing environment so that you can feel comfortable while recovering.

Scope of Physiotherapy Treatment at Al Hosn

Musculoskeletal/ Sports Physiotherapy

This physiotherapy is designed to treat conditions and injuries affecting the muscles, joints and soft tissue. It is ideal for people suffering from lifestyle and sports injuries, lower back pain, orthopedic problems and headaches.

Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy

It is a specialized area of physiotherapy geared towards preventing and rehabilitating patients with injuries and diseases in the heart and lungs. This cardio-Respiratory therapy is for persons suffering from COPD, sputum clearance, and those seeking post-heart attack rehabilitation.

Neurological Physiotherapy

This therapy includes the treatment of patient movement and function disorders that have originated from the individual’s neuromuscular and nervous systems. Neurological therapy is ideal for persons diagnosed with a stroke, MND, cerebral palsy etc.

Pre-operational and Post-operational Physiotherapy

It is ideal for orthopedic surgeries like total knee replacement, hip replacement, Fracture repair, Rotator Cuff repair, ACL reconstruction, Knee/ Hip/ Shoulder Arthroscopies etc.

Elderly Physiotherapy

It is designed to treat aged patients having age-related physical problems associated with falls, illness and operations. Elderly Physiotherapy best suits elderly patients who need conditioning and strength-based therapy.

Bariatric Physiotherapy/ Obesity

This therapy is specialized in offering expertise in the multidisciplinary management of obesity and also helps in optimizing the patient experience and surgical results. It is suitable for individuals who want to lose weight while maintaining health and safety.

Pediatrics and Geriatrics Physiotherapy

If you are tired of suffering from chronic illness or injury pain, then we can help you. At Al Hosn, our physiotherapists take a holistic approach to treatment, considering all aspects of your life. We offer a custom-tailored programme so that you can recover quickly and live a pain-free life.

Al Hosn has become one of the most recommended hospitals for physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

The physiotherapy session takes up to 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes electrotherapy and strengthening exercises.

In acute circumstances where inflammation or severe pain is present, the main goal of our team is to suppress these symptoms first before initiating any exercise program. The exercise program is based on the response of the patient. The plan will be introduced with the treatment plan with gradual and careful progression.

Yes, we have a team of qualified and experienced therapists, and the Dubai healthcare authority licenses each professional.

Physiotherapists’ responsibility is to improve and maintain the health of people of all ages. In addition, they provide complete support and assistance to patients in managing pain and preventing diseases.

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