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Rezum Water Vapor Therapy

We use steam energy to remove the enlarged part of the prostate within a few minutes of this process. This innovative therapy is available to all our patients at the Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center Abu Dhabi, UAE. The whole procedure is to treat symptoms of urinary retention and obstruction.

Using steam to treat BPH (benign Prostatic hyperplasia) symptoms is beneficial for older and high-risk patients. This is the ideal alternative we offer at our one day surgery center instead of invasive surgery that may carry adverse effects on elderly patients.

Allurion Gastric Balloon

Al Hosn Medical Center offers the Allurion Gastric Balloon procedure in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This procedure helps you lose weight steadily while feeling full. Contact our surgeons to sign up for this safe and advanced weight-loss procedure.

This capsule Allurion balloon is ingested with water and is designed to be placed in your stomach. The position of the balloon is confirmed with an x-ray. Once the balloon is in place, the inflation process can begin with 550 ml of sterile water being pumped into the balloon. You can expect this procedure to last 15 minutes.

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We strive to provide the best services through excellent leadership and management at our Abu Dhabi medical center. Our medical professionals are trained to offer patients exceptional healthcare, diagnosis and disease treatment solutions. The training our team receives at the medical center in Abu Dhabi comes with practical experience and the nursing, technical and administrative fields complement the work culture we foster.

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The solution for erection problems.

The most modern Shockwave Therapy

Long-Term Positive Effects

The procedure has been proven to provide long-term improvements in the microcirculation of new blood vessels and assist in forming said vessels.

Pain Free

This painless treatment will take only a few minutes at our one day surgery facility.

No Side Effects

The patients undergoing this procedure will not be under any stress, nor are there any side effects accompanying the process.

Anesthesia Free Procedure

No anesthesia is needed for this treatment which is available at the medical center Abu Dhabi facility on an outpatient basis.

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