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Exceptional Care

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Exceptional Care

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Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center

About HMC

Why Patients Choose Our Center

We strive to provide the best services through excellent leadership and management at our Abu Dhabi medical center. Our medical professionals are trained to offer patients exceptional healthcare, diagnosis and disease treatment solutions. The training our team receives at the medical center in Abu Dhabi comes with practical experience and the nursing, technical and administrative fields complement the work culture we foster.


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Our Advantages

Expert and qualified medical specialist
In our advanced care medical center, you will get the best treatment through our vastly experienced and qualified medical and health care experts.

Latest medical equipment
Medical devices are considered the fundamental component of the healthcare system. We are committed to using the latest medical equipment and techniques to benefit our patients.

Personalized care
Our foremost responsibility is to provide personalized care for a comfortable healthcare experience for each patient.

Quality standards
Our team at the HMC medical center works hard to ensure that we meet the highest standards of service, providing patients from around the world with the finest medical care.


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Rezum Water Vapor Therapy

We use steam energy to remove the enlarged part of the prostate within a few minutes of this process. This innovative therapy is available to all our patients at the Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center Abu Dhabi, UAE. The whole procedure is to treat symptoms of urinary retention and obstruction.

Using steam to treat BPH (benign Prostatic hyperplasia) symptoms is beneficial for older and high-risk patients. This is the ideal alternative we offer at our one day surgery center instead of invasive surgery that may carry adverse effects on elderly patients.

This fast-tracked and effective treatment is highly recommended to treat aging men who face common ailments worldwide. The procedure is simple and uses a radio frequency generator to heat a controlled amount of water away from the patient and convert it into vapor. This thermal energy is delivered into the body through a needle and targets any obstructive tissue in the prostate.

The therapy procedure can take between 9 seconds and 3 minutes depending on the size of the enlarged area. This has been reviewed and overseen by Dr. Aymen, CEO of Al Hosn Advanced Care Medical Center Abu Dhabi and a senior Urologist, Dr. Aym.

Rezum Water Vapor Therapy
Allurion Program

Take control of your weight loss through the Allurion Gastric Balloon and Weight Loss Programme. We offer a series of initiatives that will assist you in taking more control of your life and diet. The focus is on losing weight while feeling full and healthy through proven practices. This program is exclusively available to patients at our medical center in Abu Dhabi.

The most modern Shockwave Therapy

The solution for erection problems.

  • Long-Term Positive Effects
    The procedure has been proven to provide long-term improvements in the microcirculation of new blood vessels and assist in forming said vessels.
  • Pain Free
    This painless treatment will take only a few minutes at our one day surgery facility.
  • No Side Effects
    The patients undergoing this procedure will not be under any stress, nor are there any side effects accompanying the process.
  • Anesthesia Free Procedure
    No anesthesia is needed for this treatment which is available at the medical center Abu Dhabi facility on an outpatient basis.

Our Surgical Specialties

Hand Surgery
Our specialized hand surgery unit is the first of its kind and is managed by a renowned medical professional, Dr. Saad Kamel. Our Abu Dhabi hospital has expert surgeons who are highly efficient in diagnosing and treating elbow conditions. The conditions that can be treated in our advanced care medical center are Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and nerve injuries etc. Any hand-related injury is treated with the utmost care and partnered with assisted recovery.

Patients at our physiotherapy center are treated for post-operative rehabilitation, chronic back pain, and work-related injuries. Our advanced Abu Dhabi facility offers a wide range of treatment options to assist with musculoskeletal injuries and other disabilities. We have a team of specialists who create treatment plans tailored to your mind and body. The treatments are designed to complement your life and help keep you active and injury-free.

General Surgery
Our general surgeons have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and treat a wide range of surgical conditions. Our team of highly accredited, skilled surgeons are well versed in every aspect of general surgery and can adapt to any medical requirement. We focus on minimally invasive procedures to reduce discomfort for our patients and improve post-surgery recovery time. In addition, we believe in providing outstanding results in every treatment by curing the problem to the core. Finally, we have replaced old techniques with the latest instruments and advanced technology.

Cardio Vascular Disease Treatment Center
We have created a personalized treatment plan to help you maintain a healthy heart. Our expert team can lower your cardiovascular risk factor with the appropriate treatment and lifestyle change. We offer nutritionists and fitness consultants who can guide you to improve your lifestyle. Our advanced care facility detects, prevents and treats cardiovascular ailments like coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. The cardiologist-surgeon consultation we provide will evaluate the necessary precautions that need to be taken to mitigate any risk.

Our Team

Meet our doctors

Our Specialists deliver high-quality treatment through rehabilitation at our Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.


What our patients say

Great staff and doctors. Waiting time is not long at all. Everyone wants and willing to help you not matter the issues. We drive from Al Shamkha to go to this hospital.

Marty Martinez

Professional Doctors , High quality equipment and very accommodating staff.

Lavarez Michael

Doctor fayez Solaiman is my internal doctor since the last 17 years and he is the best internal doctor i ever met in UAE

Fady Abu Agwa

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