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Integrated medical center. Always looking forward to excellence and leadership in providing the best services and health care, diagnosing and treating diseases, by a group of professional doctors in their field, and a team with high efficiency experienced in the various disciplines of nursing, technical and administrative.

We always strive to develop the center in collaboration with the wonderful staff at the center, to improve the health and welfare of the community and in line with the center’s vision we are committed to the following:

  • Provide effective treatment, with a commitment of international measurements.
  • Expand the medical services provided by the center, and the hard work in providing comprehensive medical treatments.
  • Work through new techniques for diagnosis and treatment in order to improve medical services.
  • The introduction of the most advanced information technologies to improve medical treatment.
  • Provide medical service while maintaining respect and privacy for the patient and their family.
  • Involve the patient in their treatment program and provide paramount and distinct medical service.
  • Work permanently to develop infrastructure and health conditions in the center to improve hospitalization treatment.
  • Working with the community in the curative and preventive health, to improve the health and welfare of the community.

Board of Directors of Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center is keen to support the development of proposals to achieve an environment of quality and to improve the level of patient safety.

HMC Services cover the majority of medical specialties such as Urology, Internal Medicine 

Obstetrics & Gynecologist, Orthopedic ,General Practitioner, Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery), Rheumatology, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Radiology, Clinical Pathology, and will soon be opening the departments of  Cardiology, Dermatology, and Cosmetology.

In addition, the center includes many supportive medical units which operate in accordance to the latest systems and medical standards, such as:

  • Operating Theater
  • Endoscopy Unit
  • Lithotripsy Unit
  • Radiology Department
  • Neurological Unit
  • Laboratory Department
  • Pharmacy

These medical units are supervised by a group of highly qualified doctors, consultants, and specialists.

Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center is proud to have appointed more than 100 employees, which comprises of more than 20 physicians, 60 nurses, health care providers, and administrative specialists committed to providing our community the best health services they truly deserved.

Within the last two years the Center had undergone many developments, updates and expansions and has also added new departments and implemented new disciplines to further the development of technical skills and staff to be fully committed in the Center’s vision in providing unlimited care.

Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center is located in a distinguished location having multiple departments that contains the latest medical technology and health care supervised by highly professional and specialized physicians to serve patients and community strictly through attention to quality and patient safety.


Provide better health care and health education for patient’s levels.


To participate in all activities and to develop team working to provide a safe, efficient and effective care to patients.


To act with integrity in order to improve levels of health care and provide all our services with the utmost diligence and honesty.


Committed to personal and institutional integrity, make honest commitments and work consistently to honor them.


Patients receive more thorough care when providers collaborate, and the providers can concentrate on their areas of expertise, knowing they are part of a team looking after the whole patient.


Our professional staff is here to ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and you are as comfortable as possible.


As Chairman and Chief Executive of Al Hosn One Day Surgery Center (HMC), we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity and diversity through leading by example. Furthermore, we aim to ensure equality in all areas of our employment, planning and service delivery. Moreover, we strive to provide excellence in all which we do and recognize the value that diversity brings. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that all our employees are treated with dignity, respect, equality, and encouragement to progress and develop within the organization, in accordance to their potential. We will also ensure that we provide healthcare services that are accessible, responsive and appropriate for the diverse communities we serve and that we treat patients and visitors by our set of core principles including dignity, respect, fairness and equality. Additionally, we will seek to create a working environment where all employees are able to work effectively and successfully, with the opportunity to develop their full potentials through: Working with the medical, technical and management teams to develop and revise health care services to promote excellent relations and positive attitudes with our patients Ensuring that our aims, procedures, and services are in line with the latest global systems and medical standards.

Dr. Ayman Younes

Deputy CEO- Medical Director Message

Al Hosn one day center surgery center (HMC) is an achievement come true through cooperation between the medical, technical, administrative teams, and patients. The center was founded to provide premium Medicare using the latest technology in the medical and health fields. We currently offer high-quality health care through our professional medical team by using the latest medical technology. We work as a team through the following principles: The strong moral link with society to serve the health sector and its patients. The necessity to provide the finest level of medical and health care. We provide the utmost diligence, honesty, and high-level expertise. We are working tirelessly to provide our humanitarian mission in all medical fields. We are also keen on attending and staying up-to-date with medical conferences, health programs, and practical training in order to keep up with the latest international medical research centers. We are tremendously proud of our expertise in the field of long-term & high-quality health care. We look forward to build strong friendships and earn the support of the people in order to build upon our success.

Dr. Fayez Suliman


Al Hosn Day Care Surgery Center is committed to ensuring that patients are treated in clean and pleasant hospital surroundings and that the staff will do all that they can to protect people’s privacy and dignity. Treating people as individuals, whatever their differences or values, and ensuring that their particular needs are met, is central to the trust’s philosophy of ensuring the very highest levels of privacy, dignity and respect.


At Alhosn Surgery Center, we put Clinical First. We are proud to offer quality care, specialized equipment, and advanced technology in a safe, family-friendly environment. Our clinical professionals strive to be among the best providers in the healthcare industry.

When patients choose to use an outpatient surgery center, also called an ambulatory surgery center, most find that the process is much more convenient, as well as more personal. Our center offers a relaxed environment with medical staff focused on offering individualized patient care. Our specialized staff helps each patient's visit go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • Ease of Use
  • One Location
  • Scheduling Options
  • Reduced Cross-Infection
  • Focus on the Patient
  • Reduced Cost